Book Review : So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba

Short Summary

So long a letter is a sequence of reminiscences, some wistful, some bitter, recounted by Ramatoulaye who has recently been widowed. The letter addressed to her old friend Aissatou is a record of her emotional survival after her husband’s abrupt decision to take a second wife. His choice is Binetou, the best friend of their first daughter. She also talks about Aissatou’s own divorce and what led to it. Aissatou’s husband, Mawdo Ba, is best friend to Ramatoulaye’s husband Mawdo Fall. The letter ends with her expressing her joy to see her best friend again after such a long time.

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My Opinion Of the Novel

As I sat down to read this book, I was captivated by its words. The deep feelings engendered in one throughout the book. The uniqueness of the plot makes it captivating and the narrative technique used makes it more personal and closer to home. The book’s plot is one that is very dear to me because I love to read anything “Book Review : So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba”