10 Ways To Tie A Head Gear (Gele) With Ease

10 Ways To Tie A Head Gear (Gele) With Ease

Have you always had issues tieing that gele of your choice? Then look no further as Africanrubiz is bringing enough tips on how you can tie that gele

Start by folding in the end of the gele, this will ensure this is a smooth base at the front (crown of the head).

Take the gele and wrap it around the head from the back to the front (towards your forehead) ensuring that the ends at the front are equal. This aspect is very important.

Then take one side of the gele, e.g.: the left side and wrap it towards your right all the way round to the left ear and secure with your hands. At this point the left side of the gele will be shorter t that of the right side.

Take the right side and cross it over the left side of the gele. Then take the right side (the longer side) round the head to the back, wrapping it and securing it with your hands at the back.10 Ways To Tie A Head Gear (Gele) With Ease

At the side & back of the gele, begin to arrange the gele measure around the head in levels and layers and start squeezing the ends to form a fan from the middle of the layout, ensuring that the left over at the end closest to you is enough to grip.

Repeat the same on the other side.

Secure the grip by typing both ends closest to you into a knot twice and neatly tucking in the loose bits.

At this point there will be 2 layers at the top of the gele piece. Start arranging the layer at the back first making sure the highest point of the gele is in the middle.

Then move to the layers at the front. Start making lines and pleats forming layered steps at the front of the gele with your fingers. Be sure to try to make them as defined as possible.

Push the gele back as desired away from the face to give the face a lift. Be sure not to push back excessively as to prevent the gele from falling off your head. Also be sure not to pull your ears out of the gele.

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