Five Lipstick Colours Every Woman Should Have

Five Lipstick Colours Every Woman Should Have

It’s cool to experiment, to be bold and try to discover our personal style but sometimes when it comes to lipstick colour we just need to be sensible, especially as we grow older. If your lipstick choices have turned out to be one disaster after the other, then maybe it’s time to simply surrender to what has already been proven to work.

Truth be told, there really isn’t need for any of us ladies to worry our pretty heads (if our attempts at self-discovery haven’t been working); a lot of work has already been done on our behalf to perfect the science (and fashion) of what works for us in all our different shapes and sizes.

When it comes to lipstick colour you’re covered and to save you all the stress, here are lipstick colours that every woman on the face of the earth can enjoy:

Some might call it purple but we’re sticking with plum. This lipstick colour also works for different complexions with the condition that one must choose the right shade.

Exfoliating the lips and using a lip liner will make the application smoother. Highlighting the edges of lips make the lip colour bolder and applying a primer will prevent dark colours from getting into the lines of the lips.

A nice lipstick colour for those times you want to keep demure and simple. It is lively enough to brighten your smile and cool enough for all ages. It is flattering and easy to wear; the key is to simply find your own shade.

Most ladies know that nude lipstick is great but they haven’t be able to enjoy it because they have been choosing wrongly.

The main trick is not to go too dark of too light. To avoid this, you’ll need to follow your skin tone in choosing the right shade of nude lipstick.

There’s no shame if you can’t pull it off on your own, ask for professional advice before you buy that lipstick or ask to try the samples first.

This colour will never get old; you can always count on your red lipstick. The beautiful thing about red lipstick is that it works for any look you might be going for and virtually any occasion. All you need to do is to apply it correctly and make sure you don’t get any on your teeth.

Any woman can wear pink lipstick, all you have to do is find the shade and tone that works for you.

Here’s an important tip; the warmer your complexion, the cooler the tone of pink lipstick you should choose. Don’t forget to exfoliate and apply your lipstick gradually with a brush to ensure that the corners of your mouth are properly touched up.

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