Why it is not wrong to ask your boyfriend if your relationship will lead to marriage.

There is a general notion about relationships that when a lady asks her boyfriend if her relationship with him will result in marriage, then she’s been too forward or desperate.

I was having a conversation on this subject a week ago with a friend and then I asked him what his thought or reaction will be if his girlfriend ask him of his plans for marriage. He felt uncomfortable and with a deep sigh, he said “I will tell her babe, please take it easy on this marriage stuff”. I will also let her know I’m not in mood for such talk. I could feel his discomfort with such question and how he tries to be defensive just to ward-off such talk.

Unfortunately, the ladies who are mostly at the receiving end are now used to this “normal” refusal by their boyfriends to define whether their relationship will eventually succeed in marriage.

She rather keeps quiet and save her relationship than discuss anything serious in the line of marriage with her boyfriend which will make her appear desperate and may eventually lead to a breakup.

The hard truth however is that, it is a faulty and baseless misconception that not only robs the single lady of a man that truly loves her but also results in delayed marriage or avoidable heartbreaks. Any relationship based on this faulty premise is heading for a doom!

According to relationship expert, Myles Munroe, marriage is a choice to be made. This means the choice of whether a relationship will succeed in marriage or not must be clearly made.

A lady must be confident enough to discuss this choice with her boyfriend when she deems fit. However, the reason for bringing up such important issue for discuss is not to enforce her readiness for marriage or mount pressure on her boyfriend, but to simply communicate her choice to spend her life with the guy and as such understands if he shares her view.

A lady must not let traditions or faulty trends becloud her sense of judgment. A stitch in time they say saves nine.


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