5 Things to Consider When Using A Makeup

5 Things to Consider When Using A Makeup

For different makeups and fashions, a lady should be on top of that game. It should be something she should be known for. But for some, they don;’t know why they should use a make up. Lets us consider some five reasons why you should use a makeup.

1. Make you moisturize your skin daily.
Your skin will be new to makeup and perhaps it will react different to the products you will try on. Which is why moisturizing is a must as it nurtures your skin and protects it a bit from getting imperfections.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on is something you should never do
This is the best time to include this beauty habit into your routine. As years go by and you continue to master your makeup techniques and with the change of your skin, cleansing your face will be key to keep it fresh and healthy.

3. Don’t wear foundation unless you actually need it5 Things to Consider When Using A Makeup
Your skin is young, healthy and wrinkle free. There is no need to clog your pores as such an early stage in life. Wearing makeup for the first time means going from clear to dark mascara, consider concealer, eyeliner, a shiny lip-gloss and a little bit of blush.

4. Makeup are to enhance your beauty. 
You are beautiful! Do not wear makeup with the idea to hide what you might see as imperfect. On a pimple day, sure try you best to hide it but don’t try as hard or you’ll end up with a “cakey” texture on your face. Focus on your best features and learn how to enhance your gorgeous eyes, or highlight your killer eyebrows!5 Things to Consider When Using A Makeup

5. Avoid using too many products
As much as you like the commercials your skin does not need that many products let alone your wallet. Stick to the basics:

Moisturizer+ foundation/concealer (optional) +blush + mascara +eyeliner +lip-gloss + cleanser is just enough makeup for that beauty.

So, insist on getting your beautiful self going out with your makeup rocking with anything of your choice.

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