4 Skin Benefits of Tomatoes

4 Skin Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes is a widely accepted fruit that all in the world enjoy either as a meal or as a diet.Do you think you cannot use tomatoes to make your skin shine or glow? Well, let’s consider how to use it to benefit yourself.

To Remove Dead Cells
In order to do this try to blend one or two of this depending on the size and ten add a tablespoon full of sugar. Apply in a circular motion to your skin in order to remove the dead cells. Afterwards you can then scrub gently with warm water in order to remove the dead cells that are residing on your skin.

It can make make your skin glow especially for those that are aging. Well, this can slow than the aging process in your skin. You can use your tomato juice to rub your skin regularly and then you will look younger.

Reduce effect of Sunshine
Tomatoes according to scientist contains an antioxidant named lycopene and then it is a natural effect against the sun. They can help you prevent a UV ray after much exposure to the sun.

Smoother  Skin
If you want to make your skin smooth, try to do this with at least some fresh few tomatoes. Blend it and mix with honey and then apply to the skin. Do this for some 20 minutes each day before you go to bed and wash off with warm water.

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