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Africanrubiz is a woman empowerment organization whose vision is to raise the status of the African woman by empowering her through orientation and direct enlighten, using the internet as a platform.
In pursuant of this goal, Africanrubiz is rewarding female writers for participating in her vision of empowering the African woman. This we are doing through our First Campus Female Gender Writing Competition. See the breakdown below:

Participants send in entries of their written articles weekly. Articles are checked by our panel of editors, and they pass through 3 stages, while the best articles are selected and published. People vote on articles posted on the website. The best articles (articles that meet the criteria for our various categories) are nominated for the first, second and third positions at the grand finale stage of the competition.


Competition Breakdown

Stage 1:

Articles focus on one of these categories: Female entrepreneurship, domestic violence, women fashion trends, gender-based violence, the life of a career woman.

Stage 2:

Articles focus on one of these categories: Women as role model, “Baby mama” saga, who is to blame,The plight of the unmarried lady, The need for Women in technology, The role of women in politics, Girl-child Education.

Stage 3:

Articles focus on one of these categories: The challenge of the African woman, Women as bread winners, Relationship talk – dos and don’ts in building a healthy relationship, Early marriage and the loss of dignity of the woman, The woman and her health, Sexual harassment.  At the end of this stage, the 10 overall best authors will be shortlisted.


Click here to Register and start sending your articles

Grand Finale:

Each of the 10 best writers will send in an article each to Africanrubiz on any of the following three topics:

  1. The role of Women in Nation building
  2. Empowering the Girl Child: Between the home and technology
  3. Redeeming the African Woman’s Honour in contemporary times

Note: Preference will be given to articles with appropriate pictures and/or videos to backup at this stage.

The Authors of the three best articles will be selected for the final Award.

The top 10 authors afterwards will be given a certificate of participation.


Eligibility for participation:

  • Participant must be a female and must be currently under-going an undergraduate program in a Nigerian University or Polytechnic.

Terms and condition:

  • Articles must be the original piece of the author and must not have appeared on any online publication, website or blog. Any article that violates this condition disqualifies the author.
  • While voting may also increase the chances of an author’s article being selected, selection of overall best articles at every stage remains the exclusive prerogative of our panel of editors/judges.


36 thoughts on “Campus Writers Competition

  1. Are participants to write on each topic in a stage weekly and if selected then move to the second stage? Or can we pick a stage, say stage 2, then write on the topics?

    1. Hi Toluwaniyi,

      I apologize for the late response. Yes participants are to write on specified topics every week and you can pick any of the stages. At the Grand Finale, the shortlisted participants from each of the stages will now compete for winners.

      I hope this answers your question.


    1. Hi Funmbi,

      You will be able to register and upload your articles directly on this website, starting from tomorrow.


      1. Toluwaniyi,

        We have seen that locating your campus editors could be a little difficult, that is why we have created a platform for you to register and send your articles to us directly. If you can not locate your campus editor, please follow this link to register directly with us. You can start uploading your articles once you have registered.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  2. When a topic is picked and written on, do I write on the same topic every week? Or I have the liberty to change to another. Also, how do I get in contact the campus editor for fut minna?

    1. Hi Kikelomo,

      You can write on different topics every week. just make sure the topics are picked from the available topics for each of the stages.
      For example, in stage 1, you can pick from – Female entrepreneurship, domestic violence, women fashion trends, gender-based violence or the life of a career woman.

      As a result of the inconveniences that participants encounter in contacting their campus editors, we have decided to upload a platform, on this website, where participants will be able to register and upload their articles directly to our server. I will be showing you the link latest by tomorrow.


      1. Can I write on topic in the three stages sat, the first week I pick a topic from stage 1 the second week stage two or I just write in one stage.

        1. Hello Oluwatemilorun,

          If you are writing for stage 1, you must pick all your topics from stage 1. The first week, you pick a topic out of the topics in stage 1. The second week, you pick another topic from stage 1. Third week, another topic from stage 1.

          If you are going for stage 2, then all the topics must be taken from stage 2. Same thing applies for stage 3.

          I hope this answers your question


  3. please when is the second stage starting… we know the shortlisted candidate for the second stage

    1. Hi Grace,

      I apologize for responding late to your question.
      It’s not too late to submit your articles.


  4. Please, I just discovered this site. Can I still submit the remaining articles for stage one before the 1st of June?

  5. I want to update my article for stage 2 but I have forgotten my password,I tried resetting it but I couldn’t. I need d procedures urgently

  6. I lost my password and I’ve been trying to reset it for a while now. It keeps telling me that the link I was sent has expired. Please help me

  7. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to put up my article for a while now and I haven’t been able to. Asides the registration, is there something else I am meant to do?

    1. Hello Monye Ebelechuckwu Gloria,
      Thanks for your interest in Africanrubiz Campus Gender writing Competition.
      After successful registration, Click on add post, compose or copy and past your article in the edit content area. Select your category of interest, then click on “publish” to publish your articles.

      Do call – 08036467038 if you need further clarification.

      Good luck!

  8. Hey Just heard about the competition. Can i start writing my aritcles in stage two without writing the stage one?

    1. Hello Oluchi Joe,
      Thanks for your interest in Africanrubiz Campus Gender writing Competition.
      Yes, you can write for any stage. To write for stage 2, you only need to pick from the categories for stage 2 and to write for stage 1, pick from the categories from stage 1.
      Please refer to the introduction at the top of this page to know the categories for each stage.

      Good luck!

  9. Dear Participants,

    This is to inform you that we have reached the end of Stage 2 of the First Campus Female Gender Writing Competition. Our Panel of Judges are currently collating all entries for shortlisting of the best articles for Stage 2. The Stage 3 will start on the 1st of October 2016, and will last for 8 weeks before the Grand Finale.

    I wish you all the best.

    1. Hello Mary,

      We have reached the end of the final stage of the competition and voting is no longer necessary.

      At the final stage, authors whose articles have been shortlisted in any of the 3 stages will write and at the end of the stage, the overall winners will be shortlisted by our external panel of judges.

      We have reached the end of submission for the final stage, and presently, all your articles are being reviewed by our external panel of judges.


  10. Hello, please I can’t find my stage one article on this website… The article is titled ‘fashionistas’.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Was your article ‘fashionistas’ shortlisted in any of the stages?

      Articles that have been reviewed and are not shortlisted will not appear on our site. It will only appear on the author’s account for documentation. So if your article has not been shortlisted, it will not appear on the site but you should see it in your account.


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