Important things you never knew about the strenght of a Lady

Being independent is more challenging than the freedom it affords. Having all the time with no one to account for can be a great challenge. A caged or overprotected lady from home at the first taste of absolute independence in a University Campus will most likely become “overexposed” in school leading to a plunge into various vices, dictated by the whims and caprices of the new environment. Lack of proper exposure from home however, can foster a serious challenge to a university lady.

The fallacious view of the capacity of the lady is appalling! She is thought to be delicate and weak. The male counterpart erroneously thinks being delicate equates being weak, NO! Hardly is there a Department in my University that has a female as the President, why? It has been ”concluded” that ladies are weak, hence cannot occupy such positions and function effectively just like their male counterparts. “What a man can do, a woman can do better” has become mere rhetoric that holds no truth in reality.

Ironically, the strength of a lady is unbeatable. She has the ability to multitask as it does not hinder any of her activities; it does not automatically eradicate the suffering of one task over another. Majority of ladies who attends the University does not return home with just a certificate as mere excellence for achievements, as she usually combines her academics, spirituality, secular (social life), entrepreneurship and relationship. Multitasking breeds distraction, but kudos goes to ladies for combining all these together. Therefore, the ability to multitask is an inherent and rear virtue possessed by every lady. However, when this innate ability is not consciously utilized, the outcome is unhealthy comparism and lack of focus.


Below are 3 important things you were not told as a lady before getting to the university:

You were not told to get your priorities right:

Women naturally love and crave for attention; in and out of relationship(s) has become the order of the day. The need to get attention drives a lady to get “it at all cost “. In an attempt to get this attention, she “joins them because she can’t beat them “. She is at times tempted to join the “classy clique” but not all the “classy cliques” are so cool underneath. There is, probably more than meet the eyes to fanciful things. This gets many carried away by living a fake life, hence miss out on the positive relationships that they would have built while in school.


You were not told that peer pressure is a silent killer:

Tossed about by the new look of frenzy, most ladies gets intimidated by the way of life of other ladies on campus. She walks into a room filled with Undergraduates from different Departments, classes, upbringing, levels or parts, dress sense, and sexual relations. She suddenly becomes a magnet that simply attracts anything that comes her way. She becomes uncomfortable with her appearance and way of life once she can’t fit in the trendy life-style of her colleagues. The danger of this is the resultant peer-pressure and low self-esteem which if not corrected can jeopardize her dreams.

You were not told to periodically activate your reset button

Remember that every device has a part of button for the reset mode. Some phones may not be able to function properly after several days of not shutting down until the device is shut down and the battery removed. In the same vein, it is very important to take some moment periodically, to re-invent your personality. Avoid being swayed by other people’s perception and way of life.

It is possible to stand tall, pursue your goals and see them realized even in the face of daunting challenges. This is one thing every lady must realize early enough in life before they get trapped in the web of unhealthy comparison.

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By: Toluleke Akinbode

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