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Africa From The Perspective Of Her Daughters

The whole world is gradually turning to Africa as the next most viable investment portal. However, the African People, especially women, and children continue to groan under oppressive conditions influenced by harsh economic realities and prevailing sociopolitical circumstances of their society.

The idea of this project developed out of the need for a gender intervention in the situation of the African society; based on the belief that women could actually contribute meaningfully to the development of their society. As mothers and home-makers, it is probably easier for women to take important, yet decisive steps to add value to the African society, by influencing, positively, directly or indirectly, the decisions of the leaders. Thus, this project is designed to get these women, from their different fields, to draw them out and seek their views on the situation of things in their society.

This website has been professionally designed, and will be managed to meet the critical challenges of African women as various topical issues on the problems facing them will be treated; while there will also be opportunity to form alliances; chat; exchange views; debate; compare notes; and generally network. We have made it our responsibility to get African women talking and sharing ideas on how to unite in the efforts to proffer solutions to some of the challenges confronting African women.

It is our fervent hope that this website shall live up to expectations and beyond; A ONE-STOP SHOP FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY AFRICAN WOMAN!



  • To be the ‘one-stop’ website for the twenty-first century African woman!
  • To be the destination point for information, education, entertainment and other ideas in relation to African Women



  • To raise the status of women on the African Continent; by empowering them through orientation and direct enlightenment, using the internet as a platform.
  • To partner with other organizations with similar vision to fast track the orientation of African women on the need to get on the   internet and move along with the world of digital technology.
  • To establish a strong global presence for the African woman on the World Wide Web and facilitate effective communication among African women and with the rest of the world.



African Rubiz is an organization set up to improve the status of African women on the internet. It is set to bring African women together at a forum where they can exchange ideas, share experiences, encourage each other and generally network.