Negative Effects of Foundation Cream

Negative Effects of Foundation Cream
Have you ever observe that virtually all the stylists will prefer to use foundation cream on their clients? This is absolutely due to the stunning and radiant looks that foundation cream gives whenever it is worn. Apparently, most women focus on the good effects neglecting the negative effect that they are prone to as a result of the consistent use of the cream.

It might interest you to know that some women cannot leave the corner of their bedrooms to go to the nearest mall without wearing a foundation.

According to dermatologists, it has been researched that the foundation cream covers the skin pores to produce a radiant look causing pore congestion and disrupt the skin from breathing. Not only that, after a long time it has been observed that the cream becomes oily which might result into blemishes and peeling especially dry skin.

It is therefore advisable that after using foundation cream the layer should be thoroughly wash in the evening or else you face the consequences of inflammation, acnes, rashes and pimples as the skin might be stuck with this.

So the next time as a lady you get to use foundations on your face to get your beauty top notch, be ready to clean it well before hitting the hay.

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