4 Ways To Ask Your Husband Out On A Date

4 Ways To Ask Your Husband Out On A Date

After marriage, it has become a normal thing for wives to continue with their day to day activity and forget to spark up the love life in their partners. In fact, it has gotten to the part where by the romantic affections they share in the past, is no longer been derived. How can you bring back that love life? Below are 5 ways you can ask your husband out on a date.

Call him on the phone
Ask him about his day, and then say something like, “I got tickets to this (insert favorite band here) concert for Friday, and I was wondering if you would like to go with me and then grab some dessert after…It starts at 7pm, so dress casual and be ready by 6:00pm.”

Leave her a note on her pillow or on the seat of her car, simply asking her out and telling her how much you love spending time with her. If your doing a date-in, simply invite her to a lovely candlelight dinner at home, and rename your house some kind of fancy restaurant name. For example, if your last name is Thompson, you could invite her to a dinner for two at the Thomson Grill, with a Redbox and Ben & Jerry’s to follow. She will be thrilled.Why You Should Ask Your Spouse Out On Dates

Send him an invite in the mail to either your home address or his work address. Kind of cheesy, but you can bet that when he checks the mail, he is going to be pretty excited to see that something other than a bill came for him. Maybe even include the tickets you purchased, and spray the envelope with perfume…Just trying to nurture romance here, folks.Why You Should Ask Your Spouse Out On Dates

Text or email her. This may not be the most romantic option, but you can still make it romantic if you say the right things. Just imagination how fun and flirtatious your conversation could be.

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