4 Ways On How To Wear A Cardigan

4 Ways On How To Wear A Cardigan

Do you have a cardigan in your wad rope? Then you are missing a lot. This is one type of garment every lady should own and also rock with several types of dresses.

Cardigans can create a whole lot of beautiful looks. It is regarded as a staple outfit always. Lets consider some few ways to wear a cardigan.

Wear Over A Long Attire4 Ways On How To Wear A Cardigan
You could also wear your cardigan over something that is longer like a tunic or long T-shirt. This short over long mix can prevent the cardigan from looking too bulgy. It will be best to wear a fitted cardigan in order to look smart. The play on length and proportion will make your look cleaner and less cluttered.

Wear A Bright Colour
If you are going to rock that cardigan and not make it boring on you, or not make you look too old, try to wear a bright coloured cardigan so tat it will be obvious that you are wearing something bright.

Wear A Long Cardigan
You could wear a long cardigan to give you a different look. To make this look pop, it is better to wear a long cardigan that draws some attention to itself; wear a patterned cardigan or something with some design and complete the look with some bold accessories. Such longer, heavier cardigan looks work best for taller women and it is better to keep it fitted.

Wear A Short One4 Ways On How To Wear A Cardigan
In order to look like a small school girl a young star, you can try and wear one that has just one button so that you can look smart. So this peep look will just hang on your body and jump on your body.

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