8 Things You MUST Look For In Your Spouse

8 Things You MUST Look For In Your Spouse

Trying to get the best from your spouse may not really always be at your disposal. But, trying to look for something in your wive, must be at your lips. What should you look for in your wive?

It will be good to find pleasure in looking at each other; looking straight into the eyes of your mate when he or she talks shows how much you value him or her. Men should avoid “wandering eyes”, avoid looking lustfully at other women outside; there is nothing they have that is not available in your beloved wife.

Give your mouth to your spouse. Talk kindly to him or her, let your mouth build your house; let it bring peace to your home and joy to your spouse.

Always find time to listen to your spouse. Husbands most especially should know that women love to be listened to. The quietest of all women will become a talkative of some sort when she is with the person she loves and trust. They cannot just stop talking and they love it when they have somebody that listens to them. Everything is important to be told as far as a wife is concerned once she has a husband that will listen. Learn to listen to your wife, even if you think what she is saying is not important. If it is important for her to tell you, then it must be important for you to hear.

Musicians use time to make symphony, couples should use their time to make harmony. City life makes it so difficult for couples to spend time together. In fact, an average city couple spends less than three hours together every day. When I say three hours, I am not saying “intimate hours”, because the television, phones, children, computer games, internet, etc will still take a large chunk of the three hours we are talking about. Most couples do not have “intimate hours” for months. They have what I call a routine marriage, boring relationship, one where everyone seems to be in haste going nowhere.

If you want a better marriage, then create better time together. Spending time together should not be a luxury, it should be a necessity. Pray for it, make it a priority, plan for it and do something about it. The lesser time you spend together, the greater injury you do to your marriage.

Do not just spend time together. Spend time together as friends, talking, playing, gisting, joking, praying, relaxing, etc. There should be no dull moment when you are together. You should be valuable to each other; you should talk and play without inhibitions. Do not just be husband and wife; be friends, be lovers, be intimate.

Do everything to protect your spouse and his or her interests. You must protect your spouse from attacks from in-laws, friends, neighbors, etc. Never collude with your family or friends to attack or fight your spouse.

Be generous in giving. Your family should be number one on your spending plan.

Your Life Style
If your lifestyle and habits are not helping your marriage, it will be wise if you drop them. Your habits are not cast in marble, you can still change and improve and you can become better for the good of your home. If you are lazy, dirty, talkative, get angry easily, hate being corrected, eat too much, keep malice, nag, etc. Work on yourself. You need to develop yourself, if you want a better home.

If you don’t do these thing in the past, you can start by imbibing the culture, as it will help your family and marriage last now and till death or beyond.

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