5 Foods Mums MUST STOP Eating

5 Foods Mums MUST STOP Eating

Are you a mum? Then you are a great risk of endangering yourself with some of the following foods if you continue to eat it. Lets consider some foods provided by 9jastreet.com

Popcorn is filled with healthy fiber and grains, but only if you get the air-popped versions. The pre-packaged microwave popcorns available in grocery stores are actually one of the worst foods on the planet, thanks to additives and chemicals used in popular brands like Jolly Time and Jiffy Pop. Many brands contain heart-harming trans fats and the dangerous butter-flavor additive, diacetyl, an ingredient shown to harm the brain. Even worst, the bags are also lined with perfluorooctanoic acid which is the same toxic stuff found on Teflon pans.

Like popcorn, soup can be an incredibly healthy meal, but not when you buy it in a can. First of all, canned soups fall under the “processed food” label, meaning it’s loaded with sodium—even in the low-sodium varieties. Then there’s the added fats and sugar that can up the calories considerably. However, the cans are the real reason to stop buying it forever. The plastic lining in many of the popular soup brands contains Bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor that can impact a woman’s reproductive system and the health of a child.

Fruit is good—but in moderation. The same goes for dried fruit, but it’s actually best to stay away from the dried versions of your faves. Why? The fructose in fruit gets more concentrated when dried out, making it more potent in smaller doses. Also, many companies top their dried fruits with additional sugars and coating, making it even more sugary.

Most fruit juices are loaded with sugar and even high-fructose corn syrups that contain even more sugar than your regular can of cola. It is true that the fruit has nutrients, but most of the good stuff—including fiber—is taking out during the juicing process.

Yogurt is a wonderful food; the probiotics found in it are great for your gut, plus it’s loaded with protein. But the health benefits are wiped out when you eat the flavored versions sold at stores. The reason: They’re loaded with sugar—sometimes 20 grams or more for just a few ounces of yogurt. Keep yogurt healthy by looking for low-sugar versions (ideally less than 8 grams) and add a bit of sweetener or berries for taste.

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