She defy all odds and takes to bricklaying

Bricklaying is long known to be a man’s career. This is so because the job of bricklaying in tedious and “dirty”. In the cooperate age where everyone wants to pick-up a white collar job, and look “tosh” is an air-conditioned office, working as a bricklayer is seen as a no-brainer.

It is however a different story for Morayo (not real name), who against all odds, sticks to her bricklaying profession. She wakes up as early as 6am to join the contractors she works with on site. According to her, most times, she is the only lady among 15 laborers working on site.

Morayo takes pride of the fact that there is dignity in labour. She has never regretted working as a bricklayer in the past five years she ventured into bricklaying.

Our society deserves women like Morayo, who will defy the thoughts of shame and put her hands to work to better her future.

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