7 Steps On How To Make A Perfect French Braid

7 Steps On How To Make A Perfect French Braid

Having not to spend a dime for that upcoming event may be something on your mind, while you still want to look elegant. Well, it is possible to just weave your hair making out of it this super and glamorous french braid.Here are some steps to follow in making a perfect french braid.

Lets follow this simple steps and see how they can help out.

STEP 1: Ensure that you brush hair thoroughly to detangle end, comb hair from forehead backwards or brush in the direction you want your braid to go.

STEP 2: Cut hair into parts, making three strands of your hair at the top centre; ensure that all strands are cut into equal parts

STEP 3:Take two strands in one hand and one strand in other hand. i.e take two right strands in your right hand and left strand in your left hand.

STEP 4: Create few rows of braid. Get the right strand crossed over the center strand and do the same with left strand.

STEP 5: While doing the crossover section of hair, take some loose pieces of hair of the same side and include it to the cross over, picking the loose hairs from the front, side and back to get a perfect result.

STEP 6: Continue braiding your hairs downwards, your free hanging strands of hair should be merged into the braid. If you feel that there are still extra hairs around, un-knot that braid a little and do it again properly by getting the loose hairs into the braid.

STEP 7: finally, ensure that all of your hair is added into the braid so you can tie the braid with some good looking ponytail. Avoid using a rubber band to hold your hair to prevent hair from breaking.

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