6 Ways On How To Wear A Choker

6 Ways On How To Wear A Choker

Wearing a Choker has seem to the latest trendy among ladies. As a fashion piece, a choker can be really cool, sexy, edgy or even give an air of youth, depending on how you work it into your look.

If you’ve being shying away from this trend you might want to consider getting yourself a choker, one that you can work into your personal style while keeping abreast of trending trends. Have you ever wondered what will go on a choker, or how to wear it? Lets look at some few points that can help us.

1.You can do a retro look with a choker in many ways. For example, you could bring back the nineties by pairing it with a lace up shirt or a plaid shirt. You can wear a choker with printed dresses, high-waist jeans throw in some round sunglasses and dark lipstick and you have yourself a retro look.

2.Try wearing a choker with a long end; wear it on something simple like a plain-coloured strapped top or dress or a tank top.

3.Try wearing choker that has one or two charms on it ( you can even add it yourself) to get an extra vibe out of your choker look.

4. Try to add your choker to a plain or basic outfit to make it pop. Using iy on a casual top will help a lot. Make a run-of-the-mill look with a choker, and you can transform it from being ordinary to stylish and attention-grabbing.

5. Try pairing a choker with a professional outfit; wear it on a button down shirt, a blazer or pants to make your dressing cool and a little playful.

6. Pair a choker with an off-the shoulder top or dress to make a style statement and stand out. Whether it’s a bold piece or something slimmer, chokers stand when paired with off-the-shoulder outfits.

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