Look trendy on Sandals, check-out how best to rock it!

To stay trendy, you must constantly redefine your fashion sense as a lady. Making fashion statement takes more than wearing the latest collections from big designers like Gucci, Channels, Givenchy etc. styling to fit with a trendy footwear however is what make the difference.

Today, I will be taking you into the new fashion trend in footwear –Sandals. Yes, Sandals are back!

They use to be the norm for school wears, but now Sandals are the in-thing for today’s fashion.

Sandals looks perfectly nice on casuals (jeans and tops). They make statement about your beautiful pedicure, saying come kiss my feet lol.

Sandals come in varieties of colors and designs that would go with any color of your dress and hand bags.

Check-out how best to rock Sandals below:

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