6 Ways To Maintain Your Kitchen Utensils

6 Ways To Maintain Your Kitchen Utensils

While it is impossible for you not to make use of your pots and pans while in the kitchen, it is also essential that you take proper care of them through proper washing, scouring and cleaning.Knowing how best to take care of your kitchen utensils is extremely important. the following procedures for keeping your kitchen utensils clean will help them serve you better.

The first step to taking care of your pots and pans is:

1.washing it with hot water and leaving it to dry for the first time after buying.

2.Rubbing the pot on its inside with any cooking oil; groundnut oil, or olive oil to prevent food stains

3. Try as much as possible not to heat pot when empty

4. Use a correct burner size for your pot, if burner is too big for your pot, it could produce too much heat that could increase pot stain on the outside and make pot and pan handles to get weak and fall off.

5. if you must get rid of burnt food in pot or pan, never scrap with an iron songe or spoon, rather,pour enough water in the pot, cover it, adding some liquid wash and bring to a boil. This would enable and make it easier for burnt food to wash off.

6. Avoid using pots and pans in the oven if handles are made of wood or plastic

These easy steps to maintaining your pots and pans will help them to remain durable and serve their functions appropriately.

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