20 Steps On How To Make A Jelly Jammed Doughnut

20 Steps On How To Make A Jelly Jammed Doughnut

Over the weekend, i tried making a jelly jammed doughnut and then it was lovely. Well, to enjoy this, try and follow this simple method.

INGREDIENTS: 550 grams flour, 60 grams granulated sugar, 50 grams butter(melted),1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 leveled tablespoons active dry yeast, 3 eggs (beaten), 250 ml lukewarm milk(mix 2 tablespoons of powdered milk with 250 ml warm water), Vanilla or butterscotch essence/flavour, Strawberry jam, Icing sugar.


STEP 1: Place flour in a large bowl, then, add salt

STEP 2: Mix and make a hole at the center

STEP 3: Add yeast and Pour lukewarm milk over the yeast

STEP 4: Add a tablespoon of sugar

STEP 5: Whisk yeast to break lumps present in the mixture, particularly, where the milk sits

STEP 6: Cover with a foil paper and place in a warm place for about 15 minutes to get the yeast activated.

STEP 7: Meanwhile, add the melted butter to the beaten eggs then whisk.

STEP 8:Add any essence/flavour of choice alongside the remaining sugar.

STEP 9: Whisk again to incorporate all ingredients

STEP 10: Pour in the egg/butter mixture

STEP 11: Stir in all ingredients using a wooden spoon

STEP 12: Cover it up with a foil paper again and place in a warm place to rise for 30 minutes

STEP 13: Sprinkle some flour on your kneading surface

STEP 14: Then, dump the dough and dust with some flour ( a little flour will do)

STEP 15: When the dough gets smooth and is no longer stick, roll

STEP 16: Then cut some circles using a cup

STEP 17: Place a baking sheet over a tray and place the shaped doughs on it

STEP 18: Cover with another baking sheet

STEP 19:Place in warm place and allow to rise for another 15 minutes

STEP 20: Fry on medium heat for 4 minutes until each side is golden brown

STEP 21: Fill up a piping bag with the strawberry jam and insert a nozzle

STEP 22: Insert the nozzle into your doughnuts and squeeze in some jam

STEP 23: Sprinkle some icing sugar over them

STEP 24: Serve with any chilled drink

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