Health Benefits Of Pawpaw

Health Benefits Of Pawpaw

Have you ever had that yellow coloured fruits that has a lot of ingredients and nutrients for you? What are the benefits of eating this beautiful fruits?

The vibrant colour, succulent skin,and juicy taste of a pawpaw are some of the very few reasons to go for it, since it contains numerous nutrients that are beneficial to the health.

Papaya is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A and C,Anti oxidants and Flavonoids as Beta-Carotene,Cyptoxanthin, Zeanxanthin and Lutein.

Papaya also fights against arthritis in the body, it helps promote healthy and strong bones since it contains Anti inflammatory properties and Vitamin C.It reduces menstrual pain since it contains enzymes such as Papain which helps to regulate menstrual flow.

Papaya prevents aging by keeping the skin in check, the presence of Beta-Carotene prevents the skin from developing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Papaya also helps prevent Cancer such as colon cancer and prostate cancer. it improves hair growth and keeps the hair healthy. Papaya extracts helps to get rid of dandruff and prevents hair loss. it helps to reduce stress due to its Vitamin C content.

Papaya is rich in dietary fibre which aids digestion and weight loss. it also helps to fight against diabetes and other degenerative diseases such as heart disease.

The presence of fibre, vitamin C and Antioxidant helps control cholesterol build up in the body, particularly the arteries.

The Vitamin A nutrients and Flavonoids such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, cypoxanthin and Lutein which helps protect the eyes from damages and keep the mucus membrane healthy.

Well, the next time you see this fruit in the market, then do not hesitate to buy to eat.

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