The girl-child and the building of a nation

As we mark the international day of the girl-child today, we must reflect on the fact that the course of building the society starts from empowering the girl-child. She holds the magic wand to establishing ideal values and morals in the society. Just like her mother, the baton of care and character molding is passed to her at an early age. She bears this burden of responsibility right from her very first sphere of influence (her siblings at home).

This is her joy, that as a sister, her siblings and by extension the society become a better place. This is her joy, that as a wife, she nurtures her man and builds a great home! This is her joy, that as a mother, she ensures her children become the best in life!

The course of rebuilding our nation is worth fighting for, and the empowerment of the girl-child is instrumental in achieving this feat.

Let’s join hand to rebuild the value system in our nation, let’s join hand to empower the girl-child. Happy world girl-child day!

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