Five things you never knew about your strength as a lady

Before now, women are seen as mere house wives whose only role is to take care of the home including taking care of the children, doing the laundry, cooking, doing house cleaning etc. but recent enlightenment and civilization has corrected this long-standing misconception. Women are now key players in the world of Business, Politics, sports, technology etc.

It is now not uncommon to find a woman as a mother, wife and home keeper in the morning, as a career woman in the day (switching between different job responsibilities) and again as a mother, wife, cook, laundry woman, home keeper in the evening. This cycle continues until she’s aged.

This reflects how challenging and multi-tasking the life of a woman could be. Below are five things you never knew about your strength as a lady:


She can multi-task different job responsibilities:

Research shows that a woman possesses a unique ability to multi-task. While she’s at one task/job, she’s figuring out how she would get the next task/job done. This stems from the fact that she has been naturally wired to switch roles to get so many things done in less time. For example, while she wakes up very early to cook, bath the kids and get them ready for school, next, she is dressing herself up for work or her business. While she is taking care of things in the office or her place of business, she is also figuring out what should be up for dinner, welfare of her kids and her husband.

Her conviction is always right:

Although a woman seldom take a stance at her conviction because it’s most times subject to her husband’s acceptance or rejection.However when she does, she’s always right. This is why most men turn to their wives when they are about making a serious business decision. Women have a natural instinct to guess right or predict outcome of an event.

She has a strong staying power:

Have you seen a woman in an abusive relationship? Then you should understand the staying power of a woman. She maintains a strong sense of optimism even in the face of daunting challenges and abuse. When everyone gives up on the chances of a stubborn child becoming a better person, she remains resolute, believing the child would change. Though her words and courage is swallowed by her cry and tears when faced with challenges, but deep in her remains her strength and optimism.

She can lead from anywhere:

A general saying has it that “behind every successful man, is a woman”. This is no mere rhetoric as women actually inspire the success of men. She doesn’t have to hold a top leadership position before she exercises her leadership prowess. She is always there to drive and inspire position leaders. Her body language tells what effort would be in futility, while her emotions encourage tolerance and good team spirit.

She always plays by the rule:

It’s common to find men fight against constituted authority. A woman is not predisposed to such a rebellious act. This does not however means a woman cannot fight to defend her right when occasion call for such, but her strength lies in her ability to dialogue and plead her course reasonably. She understands the implication of rebellious or violent act, from her home and as such advocates for peace. This is the foundation upon which she builds her home.

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