5 Ways To Leave A Dangerous Relationship

5 Ways To Leave A Dangerous Relationship

A relationship with a violent, malicious or vindictive person is a dangerous one, and you should be careful of. This is because such a person can cause physical injury or even death. Sometimes a partner who is not violent but is emotionally abusive and ready to go to any length to punish or hurt an erring partner can be even more dangerous. Some people have had experiences with partners who were ready to implicate and indict them in crimes they did not commit just to get back at them.

Let’s consider some few steps that can make you leave your partner.

Move away
Sometimes it’s that bad; you may need to move away because of a crazy spouse or partner if you know them to ingenious and relentless. Just make sure that your loved ones and the police are aware.

When you have moved to another city or town, you may also need to inform the police and let a close circle of people know your situation.

Get Protection
You may need to get yourself something that you can protect yourself with both at home and when you’re on the go. Even if it’s not a gun, you can get yourself a bat, pepper spray and other things with which you can defend and protect yourself.

Get support
You should get support from your loved ones to be able to take such a step. Having been in an abusive and threatening relationship, one may have become fearful and psychologically wounded.

Rallying the support of those who can give you strength, encourage and defend you is very important.

Give information and clarify
You may need to inform all those you are acquainted with from your workplace to your neighbors about your situation so that they able to inform you when your abusive partner comes around to slander you or is still trying to gain access to information or places that concern you without your permission

Inform the police
If there is a threat to your life, a threat to your peace or threats being made to implicate you in criminal activities, do not hesitate to inform the police. If there has been any attempt to do any of these things in the past, please don’t keep it a secret, involve the law.

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