She takes pride in her job – See how this true African Woman Survives

Going through the length and breadth of the African continent, it is not uncommon to see women engage in tedious and challenging tasks or endeavor such as farming, fishing, carpentry, cobbling, just like her male counterpart. It will not be far from the truth to conclude that African women are the most industrious set of women on earth. This is not far from the fact that the high rate of poverty and limited resource pushes the African woman to go any length to fend for herself and her family.

While the man is expected to cater for the family, the African woman would do any job to complement the effort of her husband.

So, while on a voyage to discover some of the challenging profession engaged in by the African woman, I found this industrious African woman who defiles all odds to put her hands to work as a carpenter. According to her story, she has been making a living from carpentry work for over 12 years. Asked how she copes with such a tedious job (which is presumed to be a man’s job), she said it is her determination to avoid idleness at all cost that gave her the impetus to remain on the job.

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