What Your Urine Says About You

What Your Urine Says About You

Have you ever ad your urine changed colour in the past? Then there are several colours you must ave seen in the past. They include red, green, orange, dark brown or transparent. Well, you may get scared a s result of having one of the above mentioned types of urine colour.

This may be as a result of having Prostrate or bone marrow issues. This result can affect the colour the type of urine you will definitely have. So, it will be good to checkup on your doctor in order to know the problem.

when you have this type of urine disorder, then it can be a simple fact that you have high fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit), yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice), or severe abdominal pain. Then with this, you are expected to seek quick medical attention from your doctor or any medical practitioner.

Dark Brown
This type of urine colour could mean that you have some infections or the use of antibiotics could indicate this. Malaria medications such as primaquine and chloroquine and antibiotics such as metronidazole and nitrofurantoin could make the urine dark brown. Also, eating lots of rhubarbs and aloe could also make your urine dark brown.

Transparent Urine
For this type of urine then, it may be that you have taken a lot of water in the body and you may have over-hydration in the body, that is too much of water.

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