5 Foods You Should Not Eat At All

5 Foods You Should Not Eat At All

1. Artificial Sweet
A lot of artificial sweeteners today and when you continue to take in this, then, you are surely endangering your health. According to a report, it was gathered that artificial sweeteners are taken by consumers for them to lose weight, but reverse has been in the case.

They always lead to weight gain, damage to the health, increase of diabetics and other sugar related problems, and also finally put your kidney to damage.

2. Tomato Source
Unless you can find and purchase the real tomato sauce, without all kinds of additives, then you are good to eat them. The tomato sauce that is sold to consumers is often loaded with stuff that surely doesn’t fit the description of tomato sauce.

In their never-ending quest to make their products more addictive, food manufacturers add ingredients like refined sugar and corn syrup to their products which is damaging to your health.

Many also have sodium, which is not recommended for people with certain health issues such as high blood pressure.

3. Cake Frosting
Do you like some cake frosting? Then there is a problem. If you eat those cakes in cans available at the stores, then your health is in danger.

This stuff is probably one of the worst foods imaginable and is loaded with sugar, trans-fats, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. Some of the food coloring used in these products is actually banned in other countries!

4. Sprouts
This are very good for the body, but it has been researched that the ones prepared for commercial use is really dangerous to the body.

The environment that’s best for growing sprouts is one that’s warm and moist, which is also ideal for growing nasty bacteria.

Sprouts have been subjected to numerous product recalls through the years due to contamination. The best option is to grow your own at home, which is probably easier than you think.

5. Cookies
This also are bad for the health. For example they contain hydrogenated oils that are bad for the body. The worst thing you can do to your health is getting something bad added to your frail health.

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