5 Ways On How To Make Your Eye Lashes Grow Longer

5 Ways On How To Make Your Eye Lashes Grow Longer

Have you ever desired growing long dazzling eyelashes that will keep you looking all radiant and breathtaking to no avail, you need not struggle further as here are some amazing tips to making your eyelash look longer and enticing.

Purchase the right mascara by picking a colour that seems fit with your eyebrow colour; this makes your eye lash more dazzling.be careful not to let your mascara dry out.

Apply your mascara to the top and bottom of your eyelash; ensure that you start from the root, particularly if you have a light coloured eyelash.

Use an eyelash curler, you could make it hot and more effective using a hot metal and a waterproof mascara so as to straighten your eyelash and keep it in shape.

Use a liquid eyeliner above your eyelash and along the waterline of the edge of your eyelid; this will make your eyelash look fuller and thicker.

Eating right would help enhance your eyelash; making it thicker, however, you must take time out to wash off your makeup every night before going to bed.

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