6 important lesson you need to learn while still single.

You can only seek to solve a problem when you are conscious the problem really exist. Have you ever thought why you are still single? Then here are 6 lessons to learn while you are still single.

1. Emotional Trauma

Ladies who have experienced past failed relationships are most likely closed to having new ones. If you
have been through a few, you might have fallen into the habit of blocking chances of romantic spark between you and a man. The emotional traumas of friends such as seeing friends hurt can make you averse of being in a relationship.

2. The Tall, Dark and Handsome

If you are busy turning off proposals because none has met your specifications then that is another reason you are still single. The truth is there is none as you are not. He cant be perfect, but guess what, it is a waste of time waiting for what will never come.

3. The Career Lady

Every aspect of your life is very important when you fail in one, its affect other aspects. Your career is as important as your relationship. Don’t be too engrossed in achieving a career without paying attention to your status. Set time apart to socialize with friends. While you focus on your career, don’t be too busy to meet a man. There is time and season for everything.

4. Fear Of Commitment
This is the generation where young ladies prefer to be someone’s ‘babay mama’ just because they do not want to be committed to anyone. Being afraid of commitment may put you down even if you have been meeting new people or going on dates. Stop thinking that being single is better than being in a relationship.

5. No Effort in Dressing and Behavior

You don’t have to break the bank to look good. Looking good is good business. Pay attention to your dressing and make do with what you have. No man would want to date an individual who does not have a presentable behavior. Put enough efforts into your look and behavior. Get feedback from friends and siblings who you are sure wont be ashamed to tell the truth to your face.

6. The Right Time

An average African mother, precisely, Nigerian, will constantly caution her daughter on getting into relationship. While you follow these instructions then you think the time can never be right. You may be single because you are waiting for the right time. After school, there is college, university and then job. Before you wake up from those things that are more important than dating and marriage, time is gone!

These lessons should be your guide as you prepare for a right relationship that leads to marriage.

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