Some Ways To Use A Wig

Some Ways To Use A Wig

To apply, gently stretch the cap over your head and line it up perfectly with your hairline, making sure all of your hair is underneath it. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins around the outer edges. Whether you have long or short hair, you need to use a wig cap under your wig.

Some ladies have all these fabulous hairstyles every few weeks and when they tell you they’ve been wearing wigs, you really can’t believe it. On the other hand some other ladies wigs and it’s so obvious and on top of that they look so strange, that others swear never to get involved in the wig business.

The truth is that wigs have really become an important help for those days when you’re having a bad hair day or you simply want to give yourself a different look and they really do the job well. That is, if you know how to pick and wear them.

For kinky hair naturalistas who sometimes need a break from hair-styling or other protective styles, wigs have really come in handy and in a cool way too because they come in an endless number of styles.

These days, “wigging” it out should be a fun and creative experience, not just a tool to cover baldness and for those who haven’t caught up yet, here are some key tips for making it turn out right:

1. Make sure you try on different wigs. This gives you a chance to determine the hairstyle that suits the shape of your face and is to your liking because not every wig is for you. Then you can make your pick

2. Don’t pick wigs that are bulky at the crown and don’t style them that way either. That is one of the cheapest giveaways that you’re wearing a wig. You’re a wig well when people can’t tell that you’re wearing one.
Some Ways To Use A Wig
3. You can input your personal style or preferences into a wig by taking it to a hairstylist to have it cut, shaped and style into something that you like or is more flattering for your face.

4. It’s not advisable to wear a wig straight from the package

5. You can brush out the curls on a curly wig to give it a more realistic look. You can do this with a paddle brush.

6. Don’t wear a wet wig; it can cause your hair to break and invite bacteria.

7. You can curl and style your wig while you’re wearing it; this helps you see how the styles look on you.

8. Don’t wear an overly tight wig; It may cause breakage to your natural hair and even give you a headache!Some Ways To Use A Wig

9. Make sure that you keep your wig on a wig head in order to help it keep its shape.

10. You should not wear wigs all the time as it may rub off and eat away at your hairline

11. Try to get a wig that looks natural; the beauty of wearing a wig is seen when it looks like a style that you could’ve done with or on your own hair.

12. Don’t wear your hair in a way that makes it bulky if you’re planning to wear a wig. Make sure your natural hair is kept flat and smooth so that your wig will not appear odd. Your natural hair should be covered with a cap before wearing a wig.

13. You should try a ½ wig because they allow you to leave out the front part of your hair. This is gentler on the hairline and gives you a more natural look.

14. Don’t wear a wig that is different in texture to your natural hair if you’re wearing a ½ wig. It defeats the purpose of natural-looking hair because it’s a give-away that you’re wearing a wig and it’s untidy.

15. Your hair should be properly protected to prevent tangling or damage before putting on a wig. You can plait, wrap or have ii it cornrows and cover it with a cap before wearing your wig.

16. You should not abandon your hair because you’re wearing a wig. Make sure to wash, condition, and trim routinely as you would without a wig.

17. Be cautious about the age-appropriateness of a wig; some wigs are not for you because they make you look older.

18. Don’t wear your wigs without washing and conditioning them regularly. Wigs require care just like your natural hair, if you want them to last and continue looking good.

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