4 Ways Women Can Avoid Oppression From Other Women

4 Ways Women Can Avoid Oppression From Other Women

Apart from oppression from Men, it is also normal for women to also face some sort or for of oppression from their fellow Women. Well, lets look at some few ways women can try as much as possible to avoid been intimidated by their fellow women.

Be sure to remain confident irrespective of what others opine concerning you. This is one sure way to overcome being intimidated and oppressed by others; this will help you to retain your self- worth and not allow the opinion of others dictate who you are or who you ought to be.

The ability to maintain self -confidence is an indication that you are satisfied with the way you see yourself and it does not really matter what others say to you, their opinion never really counts.

Maintaining a constant smiling face would reflect how much self- confidence you have got even in the face of being ridiculed; this would show that you never can allow any situation or the opinion of others about you get the better part of you, this will also make you less nervous, insecure and defeated.

Being slow to speak does not in any way indicate that you are a weakling, it only implies that you have got the ability to withstand the present situation of things and you have got control over your responses; that you are not moved even to the point of engaging yourself in some worthless discussions.

Keeping calm and taking some time to analyse a situation before responding is really vital and i could save you a whole lot of trouble later on. so when you have got to contend with a rival or an oppressive woman try withdrawing yourself from the situation, take some time thinking with your head and not your heart before responding.

Being aware of your self- worth will help you hold your ground even in cases when you really are not expecting a confrontation. The ability to remain resilient and exercise an increased level of faith in yourself will help you remain calm in this situation. ensure you seek the company of people who can uplift you and do those things that uplifts your spirit constantly.

Ensure to strike a balance between being assertive and respectful; never establish fear in the place of standing in gap for yourself, get this across to whoever is in opposition to you.

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