How To Wear A Full Skirt

How To Wear A Full Skirt

For some, they view full skirt as old-fashioned and outdated. But in reality, full skirts have always been fashionable but they’re more popular now than ever.

They avail women an opportunity to have a such a soft and feminine look and they are versatile enough to accommodate different trends and tops you want to rock with. They can be worn casually or formally and they work with almost all body shapes. You can also pick a vintage look or go for the most recent full skirt trends.

Ladies, if you haven’t been making the best of the full skirt option then it’s time you tried it but you have to know how to make the best and here are some important guidelines for doing that:

1. Wear with a fitted top – A loose fitting blouse or T-shirt paired with a full skirt look all over the place; it’s not a good look. A close fitting top, however, helps to balance out the volume of the skirt and give a good architecture to your look. Full skirts also look nice with your shirt, blouse or top tucked-in; it produces a tidy, feminine and evened-out look that can hardly go wrong.

Full skirts also look good with close fitting or cropped jacket. Baggy jackets don’t really go well with full skirts.

2. Find the right shoes – if you want to wear flats, your full length skirts pair well with ballet flats. They really look good with heels; pumps, court shoes, pointy toes, high-heeled sandals, et cetera. These bring out the feminine look best and give a touch of class.

3. If you’re wearing a full skirt, then make it as full as possible wear a petticoat underneath to give it some added volume. This really brings out the beauty of a full skirt and keeps the shape of the skirt intact as you go about your business. Letting the lace or tulle trimming of your petticoat peep out can be sexy too.

4. Find the best length for you – This will make the difference on whether your full skirt compliments you or makes you look frumpy.How To Wear A Full Skirt

A skirt that ends at the slimmest part of your legs will be the most flattering; full length full skirts don’t really work because they can overshadow your figure and make you seem lost. Take note.

5. Find a suitable fabric – You’ll want to pick something that comes in a fabric that works for the look you’re going for and also the weather.

Silk fabrics give a more flowing and girly look but if you want something looks more modern and in place, try something with stiffer fabric.

For winter or chillier days, heavier fabrics like wool or leather are better.

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