How To Make A Banana Yogurt Shake

How To Make A Banana Yogurt Shake

Have you ever had a Banana Yogurt shake before? Then you are missing out a great deal with this new type of nourishing trend. This healthy banana yogurt shake is just best for you during relaxation and timeout with friends and family.

Ingredients for making it

2 ripe Bananas, 350 ml Yogurt, 1 tbsp Lemon Juice, 2 tbsp Sugar, 2 tbsp Milk Cream, ice cubes


STEP 1:Chop bananas into tiny bits
STEP 2: Blend bananas with sugar in a food processor until very fine.
STEP 3: Add yogurt and blend again.
STEP 4: Transfer into 2 tall serving glasses and drizzle lemon juice.
STEP 5: Chill for 30 minutes or add some ice cubes and top with milk cream.
STEP 6: Serve while chilled.

You can add some other flavored yogurt like raspberry to enhance taste.

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