Shh… It’s a Secret!

Woah! Calm down! I’m sure so many things are going through your mind right now but don’t worry I’ll explain. And by the way, if you think I’m about to reveal the secret to getting “that boy” or “that girl” you’ve been eyeing all these while, sorry no- laughing- I’m not talking about that. Maybe another time.

I’m talking about the secret to success. The secret to becoming a successful person, a successful you. After all, isn’t that what we all want? It’s all about confidence and a positive attitude. Yeah I’m sure you’ve heard that before but why not take a minute to actually examine it.


Confidence, not overconfidence or boasting, but that healthy self esteem and assurance of who you are goes a long way. Think of all the important people you know. Just think, have you ever seen Barack Obama looking unsure of himself? What of BeyoncĂ© or even Kim K? Don’t you just love that confidence they exude, that carriage? Isn’t that what we all love about them? Even when they’re saying or doing or wearing things you don’t agree with, they always look so well put together and sure of themselves. So yes dear, be confident! Know what you want and do it, as long as it’s the right thing. Secondly, do keep a positive attitude. No matter what happens your attitude determines where you’ll end up. So you failed that test, don’t fret, read and study hard for your next one and I promise it’ll be better. That guy broke your heart, let it be, someone who’ll appreciate you more will come along. Your situation may not change but your attitude will determine if you’ll eventually move forward. Falling down is bad enough but not wanting to get up is worse. So that’s the secret to conquering the world, confidence and a positive attitude. Shh… don’t tell anyone I told you. That’ll be all for now, have a lovely week. Merciful.

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