High School Stereotypes

Hello, how was your week? I hope you had a great week just like I did. So I read this book recently titled Homely Girl. It’s about this girl who was fat and ugly in high school; her parents fights and eventual divorce led to her eating for comfort and getting very fat. She and her mum moved to a new area since her mum got custody of her. In her new school she was made fun of so much that she wanted to commit suicide and avoid school. Fortunately for her, the most popular boy in school was her next door neighbor; they got talking one day and became fast friends. Eventually they fell in love and started dating despite the fact that most of his friends despised her. To cut the long story short, they grew up and broke up along the way, she ended up marrying someone else in the end. Though they didn’t end up together, my favorite part of the book was years later when they all met at their mates wedding, no one could recognize her anymore except him, this was because of how beautiful and put together she looked. They all commended their friend for seeing the beauty in her when they all couldn’t.

Every Woman’s Dream

My point is high school is so full of stereotypes and peoples expectations of how you should look, walk, talk, feel and ultimately be. We never stop to think that people change, grow up.That maybe just like the girl in the book “that fat girl” maybe going through serious issues and she just needs someone to boost her and encourage her to be great. We need to remember that there is life after high school and that it’s very unpredictable; that “NFA” may become the CEO and that most popular girl or boy may become the NFA. You never really can tell, can you? So we all need to take a step back, examine ourselves and see if we’re not being judgemental and stereotyping people or maybe we’re judging people by how wealthy their parents her or by their looks or even by their brains. Whatever it is, we should all strive to be like the popular yet foresighted boy who saw the beauty in her when others didn’t. Think of that as you go through your week.

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