Teen Relationships 2

Wadup peeps I’m back , for phase two of the teen relationship discussion.

So where did we drop off, we dropped off at the topic of what age is it appropriate for a teenager to start dating, and why do parents find it so hard to have “The Talk”. Firstly, i believe it’s a matter of maturity and choice, For example; let’s say I’m an 18 year old  teenager who just started dating and has a girlfriend of 17 years, it is not really that much different from a 16 year old kid with a character of an 18 year old dating a girl of the same age. So it really depends on your parent’s opinion and how you feel. if it was up to me, i would start dating from the age I’m mature enough to understand what having a girlfriend entails and all other responsibilities. So, we are done with that and then on to this topic of the “TALK” and all those stuff.

If you are a teenager, don’t be like too grossed out when your parent sit you down to have “The TALK“, and even if you are, don’t show it too much, because it also puts them on edge. Let us all refer to it as it is; The Sex Talk. It’s like this point in a teenager’s life when his/her parents think it is time to tell their children about sex. But that happened way back in the 20th and early 21st century because now, teenagers already know what their parent’s want to tell them before they even start. So parents also have to update their approach so the subject is a touchy one for both parent and child.
And so that brings us to the end of a very interesting segment on the teenage and parent sex/relationship “Talk“. I hope we’ve all learnt some few pointers in case of when that discussion does take place. Peace. I’m Out!

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