High School Food Chain

Wadup peeps it’s ur boy Prince signing in. Is that rite. Um…. i don’t care!

What i want to discuss today is High School. Whether you are at the top of the food chain in high school or at the bottom and u get picked at by d bullies. All i have to say is you can pull through , just by believing in yourself. You can make it out of high school and be a better person. So I’m done. That’s all, peace! No Lol.! The topic for today is “Fitting in High School”.


Kay, why is it that all teens believe that they have to date the most popular peeps, buy cool clothes, listen to music that other people like but they hate, just to fit in in high school. I gotta come clean,once upon a time i believed that “those guys”, you know “those senior guys” must see me as cool. I used to want all the girls and all the guys thinking i am a fresh kid and that i am in vogue and everyone would actually be my friend. You know what i found out, i went through with my plan and for a while my plan actually worked, everyone respected me, saw me as a cool guy and wanted to be around me and my crew. I was living the dream at the top of the food chain but it didn’t last.


Starting over in a new school

I changed schools during the summer and i expected everything to still be normal especially in relation to my friends, unexpectedly however, most of them started avoiding me after a little while. Anytime i tried to call them or chat with them, they’ll just ignore me and behave like i wasn’t there, that was just the beginning. Sooner rather than later they started treating me like dirt and that really hurt. Well that’s it. I’ve got some advice for you though if you’re trying to get to the top of that high school food chain, it’s not going to be a pretty journey and you’re going to step on some toes and when you get there, enjoy it while you can because it won’t last. So it’s better for you to just stay where you are and stay true to who you are. PEACE……

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