Teenage Freedom

Message to Parents

What is up people?! I’m a new writer at African Rubiz and i write in the Tinglingteen category. I guess you could call me the editor-in-chief (lol).

This is my first time blogging , so you guys should be a little understanding. Upon getting the slot to start writing articles that affect my peers, i decided to chose this topic as my first. I am going to be write about freedom. Freedom from parents?

Well, almost all teens, scratch that, all teenagers believe that they should have more freedom. Whether this teenagers are those allowed to go to parties or those who have never left their homes except on vacations, when going to school and/or going to church. One wonders why it is that parents are so overbearing. Some like to call it nagging; Parents always want to know where you are and they will always treat you like you are still a 5yr old? They don’t understand the fact that it is good to afford teenagers some amount of freedom. Some of these include visiting friends, hanging out with friends at the mall or having a sleepover at a friend’s house.

Basically they are overprotective of us and fail to realize that it makes an average teenager go wild when he or she eventually leaves home to go to college. While there tenagers start to experiment with so many different things they have never done before.
My simple advice though is for teenagers to explain to their parents how they feel about such things as may be important to them. These can include curfews, game time,amount of time spent on the phone such like things.
And to those of you that might be tempted to seat your parents down and discuss your freedom with them, well i wish best of luck. If you do have strict parents like mine, they definitely would ground you forever.

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