The Other Side of Freedom

So our new guest blogger talked about freedom last and I got to admit I really enjoyed it. It was sassy and interesting, it definitely gave us a new perspective to freedom. Reading through it gave me inspiration for this article.
Freedom has always been a big part of what every teenager wants after all we are becoming adults and adults are free . However, have you ever stopped and thought about it ? Why is it that some people especially siblings get more freedom than others? Personally, i think it’s because of the way they handle freedom. Basically some siblings are more responsible than others. It is how well you handle the power that comes with freedom that determines how much freedom you get. You have to show responsibility in the use of the freedom given to you which is why a great quote says :

With great power comes great responsibility.

For example, when you are put in charge of younger siblings, I am sure you give them more freedom according to how responsible they are. It is just the same thing with parents, they are just doing their job. I am sure some folks are wondering what’s with the lecture, don’t worry though, I’m just an average teenager like you.

I also want the same things and I definitely want more freedom too. I’m just trying to be objective and see the other side, isn’t that what adults do? And I’m becoming an adult, so why not?

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