Reclaiming Our Communication


Chatting, surfing the internet, texting, taking selfies or even watching TV; a lot of teenagers are more technology oriented these days. You can almost never get them off their phones anymore. We have lost the art of conversation, the simple pleasure of talking to someone face to face, seeing the emotions and sharing their pains and joys and everything in between.

The World We Live In


Parents have no idea what goes on in their teenage kid’s mind and vice versa. We’re losing the family and friendship bonds. Emotions are replaced with emoticons and conversations with texting. Our lives are now on the internet rather than in real life.
Friends are not people you meet in school or visit at home anymore, friends are now added on social networks without the intimacy and confidentiality of true friends. No one appreciates the bond of family or friendship anymore. We’re all impatient, living in the rush of the global world. So why not take a moment this week, put the gadgets away and smell the roses, reconnect with a true friend, get to know your parents better and discover the hidden treasures.

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