Do It Yourself: Check out these Tips on How to Make a U-Part Wig

Appearances are a huge part of who we are as human beings. That’s basically why we set aside shopping allowances and spend long periods of time checking for the right clothes to wear. A big part of making a good impression is looking good, and you know on BN Style, we love to keep you looking good.

A sure way of doing that is to have a great hairstyle. Whether you are cutting, sewing, weaving or twisting, great hair is one of those few things that make you stand out when it comes to your appearance. One of the hair trends that is getting more and more attention as days go by is the U-Part wig.

The U-part wig is by far one of the best types of wigs to have. It gets its name from the  u-shaped gap or space left in front for your natural hair after it is made. It looks like real hair depending on what hair you use and gives you the luxury to change your hairstyle as many times as you want. Now, how do you get yourself a U-Part wig without breaking your piggy bank? The answers is very simple – make one.

Making a U-Part wig to my surprise is very simple and makes use of less materials than you think. To get a tutorial on how to achieve this I went to one of my favorite beauty & style bloggers LizLiz. Liz is a Ghanaian – British blogger who blogs at LizLizLive and has a very loyal following on Youtube. Today, she is going to be showing us how to make our own U-Part wigs to get whatever looks we like.

What You Will Need
1. The weave of your choice
2. A curved sewing needle with black thread (or you could bend your straight sewing needle to form a curve)
3. A wig cap
4. A mannequin head
5. A pair of scissors
6. Weaving combs
7. A white pencil to mark where you want your weave to begin and end on the wig cap

* Note that you can use bonding glue or salon pro glue to glue the tracks/weave wefts to the wig cap if you do not want to sew them on. Always make sure your lines are straight so the weave weft does not look misplaced by the end of the process.

There you have it, an easy and affordable way to make a u-part wig. Have you tried it? let us know what you think and your own personal tips on how you make your own U-Part wig.

Photo Credit: LizLizLiveChannel

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