I am not a blind feminist or a man hater, no! On the contrary, I love the African communal system, where men, women and children live together in peace and look out for each other. However, that was in the long lost ‘traditional African Society’, where love and reasoning were the order of life; and, when men were MEN and women were WOMEN. Unfortunately, things have changed, and no one seems to be able to pin point where things derailed. But, a very significant African proverb says that ‘one who does not know his/her root can never be successful in his/her journey’. So, until Africans begin to dig deep into their roots
to search out where we came from, our journey to the future may not be successful. It is in this light that I see the happenings around Africa and the gradual ‘descent into mud’ of the relationship between the genders in Africa. Today, stories of Rape, Abuse, Oppression, Beatings and even Death have become common in the news across Africa. One school of thought has posited that the real reason behind the wave of violence against women is the men’s jealousy of the progress being made by women in different spheres of life. Such group of people believe that men are jealous of the progress of women and would, therefore, like to block it. This kind of reasoning is not up for debate here, but, the important point is that something has to be done; for the future of the African society, and indeed the human race, the genders have to be united in working towards a goal of achieving peace and communal love.
Women have a big role to play in this; for, the responsibility of moulding or shaping the next generation has always been that of the women. So, educating the girl-child is a first step; women MUST be educated so that they can have the where-withal to perform their all important role of moulding the next generation. Everywhere in the world now, the attentions of concerned persons have been drawn to this subject-matter. Many are putting their lives at risk to make this issue a reality.Who would not be proud to watch Malala address the United Nations on the 12thschoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban just for going to school, addressed hundreds of young people on the 12th of July at the United Nations, urging them to use education as a weapon against extremism. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who dubbed the day – Yousafzai’s 16th birthday –  ‘Malala Day’ in honour of her heroic stand to ensure education for all, urged the UN Youth Assembly to remain active and connected’. Now, the whole world is focusing on education for all girls, and all hands need to be on deck to make this a reality.However, it is VERY UNFORTUNATE that at this period when the world is gathering momentum, to form a united front against the discrimination of girls’ education; our own legislators, in the largest black African nation of Nigeria, are in the process of
making laws to legalise ‘girl-child marriage’. ARE WE CURSED?!

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