This question has been asked by several women, in the course of their lives; yet, for many, the answer to the question has remained elusive. Cultures, traditions, norms, development, none has been kind to the female gender; the world remains a chauvinistic haven where the men holds way as the lord and master. In spite of the several programmes developed to ‘placate’ the women, and the many slogans mouthed to deceive women to see their problems  as challenges that are being addressed, women still remain the ‘dregs’ of their societies; the ‘sponge’ to suck in the several consequences of the atrocities of the men.
In several societies across the world, the woman is regarded as the home-maker and the moulder of the next generation; thus, she is expected to take care of the home and the children, with little or no input from the man. Yet, her opinion does not count in serious issues affecting the society, or even her life; she has been pushed to the background in serious matters of life, so much so that her position is not recognized. This is why she’s treated so shabbily and hardly gets recognition for her hard work of holding the home and the society together.
This is the twenty-first century and the belief is that things have changed; but the sad truth is that things are changing for the worse. Look around you, the female gender is on the verge of collapse, the girl-child is endangered; rape, trafficking, sex-slavery, forced prostitution rings, forced marriages, baby factories, teenage pregnancies, and so on. The list is endless and the possibilities of more deadly attacks abound; what can be done?
Education is the key and economic empowerment for the women. Every woman should be economically independent, to a reasonable extent; and every girl should be educated as a matter of right. That way, the orientation can begin, in a proper manner. Yes, IT IS SO HARD TO BE A WOMAN, but the pain can become bearable when the woman has the necessary skills and competence to cope.

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