Sometimes, one feels the pressure of life more heavily than necessary; most especially, when one looks back and take stock of the life one has been living all the while. In some cases, a woman will look back and wish she has made a different choice in life, especially when she has had to endure terrible disappointment, and when things begin to turn the wrong way unexpectedly. The thin line that separates achievement and happiness can easily fade away when one is faced with serious disappointment, and life’s joy eludes one.

Generally, many women experience such situations similar to this, with no one to share their burden, and this is why things are generally difficult for women; however, the truth is that women can do better with unity, and can progress when they assist each other. But this seems to be an issue that has remained controversial among women for a long time. Women hardly get together or get along with each other, there is always a kind of rivalry going on in the subconscious, I wonder what is it.

However, many men will rather sacrifice their freedom than to betray friendship or a course, this is where the differences in gender manifests. For, many believe that the emotional make-up of lwomen makes them too sensitive, and this is the reason behind their ‘volatile’ nature that makes it difficult for them to be united. But, are women really volatile in nature? That question should be a subject for discussion another day. Meanwhile, the important point to note here is the enormous pressure women carry in the different roles they have to perform as women. Therefore, it is important to understand this dynamics in other to appreciate women.

The battle of the sexes has been on for centuries, but no side has won yet. The crux of the matter is that no gender is better or higher than the other; the best way to look at the issue is to appreciate our differences and celebrate the uniqueness of the genders. To appreciate women,  therefore,  there is need to understand the unique make-up and to appreciate the male, it is important to recognize their unique nature. Actually, it is the mixture of this two natures that makes the world a very interesting place to live. The earlier we understand this the better we can live a peaceful and comfortable life. This is my own view of our life. What do you think?

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