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Wadup Ma Peeps! I’m back!

Yes I know u missed me, I felt the same way. It’s been a very long week for me. Having to hustle to keep up with school work, other stuff and extra curricular activities and so on. So this week I’m going to be discussing about myself. I know when I started writing on this blog, I didn’t really introduce myself. So I want to dedicate a whole article to myself as a person, my fears, likes dislikes, and all other stuff.
Firstly My Name is Akinwale Wale-Olaitan; my surname is a compound one, but I prefer to be referred to as Prince Wale. I’m from Nigeria, one of the most populated countries in the world. I am 15 yrs old, I weigh 100 pounds and I love to read,play games, play soccer among other things. I also do a little coding, mostly beginner kind. I wanna be a computer scientist cuz I love all things that have to do with computers and programming and technology. I have a crush but I’m not in any form of relationship. I am scheduled to leave high school in approximately 1yr 6 months. I hope this short article about myself gives you at least a little description into what sort of person I am and my daily life

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