The Teenage Brain

I won’t really call dis a Sci-Fiction If I were you. first like a teacher would. I will take us through the teenage brain.
Blah,Blah,blah. some times I wonder what I’m saying.
This article is meant to talk about taking decisions as a teenager. I wonder what goes through the minds of so many teens, why everything can’t just be in black and white. why it always has to include the color grey. Teens always argue about rules why because we wonder why people especially parents just can’t see what we see.

You see a problem and you think this is the solution but instead you find people going about saying something stupid and you go   ” Oh My God do i have to spell everything out for you? Can’t you see this?  “. Over time i started to realize that people do not think like we do . They see things so much differently than we do and i wonder why people can’t see the way we do. They keep looking at things in black and white while we see so much more. We definitely read so much more meaning to things than they do. It’s because during this transition period we are different in a lot of ways. We think different, we see different, almost as if it were possible to think in color.  We would think in the proverbial grey while everyone else would think in black and white. So what i think i have to say can’t be easy to say. Usually what i do anytime one i’m having a discussion or an argument would be to take a deep breath, count to five or whatever number i’m comfortable with, even if it is a hundred before i answer. This way i can diffuse the situation.. For adults who may be having conversations with teenagers don’t get angry and flare up if you see a teenager do such. We are kind of different, in all honesty though, special is what we are. We tend to get hotheaded and react before thinking. Most times we expect you to be our anchor, to keep us firmly grounded so that we may not take some wrong decisions which might influence our life forever.

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