(This was written about two years ago, and still very relevant today. Enjoy.)

Recently, in the course of my search for some of the materials for this website, I met a researcher, a university teacher, who works in the area of ‘Migrants’ and we had a very interesting discussion. It turns out that some of the issues that are of interest to us and which we are sourcing for materials for, he has done a lot of work on them. Well, since we have also done a lot of readings on the subject-matter, and have asked questions in different places, it was an interesting discussion. But, the hard facts that stared us in the face at the end of our discussion were too cold and uncomfortable to forget. The conclusion we reached was that our society needs to re-examine itself in relations to our priorities and morals.
Alright, I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about; well, I’m talking about the denigration of humanity that is going on around the world. I am talking about the dehumanization that is going, that turns parents into child abusers and child-sellers, all in the name of poverty! The phenomenon is a worldwide one, but most prominent in Asia and Africa; and, since we have our focus on Africa, this interests us the more. More importantly, women are the worst hit, wherever this evil is being perpetuated; and the fact is that it comes in various ways.
The issue of sexual slavery is common; so common that some men don’t even feel that there’s any need to talk about it so much, ‘it’s no big deal’, some would say! In a situation where fathers now sleep with their daughters, there’s a need for serious re-examination of the human psyche. True, you could say that this is a bad act and needs to be addressed and something serious needs to be done bla bla bla … ; but, wait! What about those young children that are transported across the borders of countries or regions of the same countries for the purpose of being sold into forced labour?
Now, this is a serious issue, and many women are concerned! Would you agree with me that women themselves are contributing to this negative situation? Join me next week for more points on this and please join the discussion by lending your voice, MAKE COMMENTS!


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