What Do Teens Want


Signing in now,it’s your  boy Prince.

When i decided to write this article i had absolutely nothing in my head,you know no inspiration,no muse,nothing! My head was blank and was staring at my screen for a long time. Then i thought to myself, what do all teens want, to be popular to have the coolest guy and coolest girls on their arms. At least,thats what i think. I want to leave high school and the whole world should already know my name. I want to leave high school knowing i have fulfilled something. We talk about wanting our parents to listen to us more, we want more leverage,we want everything there is to have, some of us are in our own shells, we’re recluses, some of us are outgoing, in more ways than one but the truth is that deep inside, we never allow anyone to get close to us. We shut out our innermost self to almost everyone but let’s just reach out and do something worthwhile, your name doesn’t have to be sung in the hallways of high school for you to do something worthwhile. Doing something worthwhile means doing something productive,something that when you’ve done it you feel like, you’ve made a difference. And that’s all from me
Signing out. Prince

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