When God created the man and woman, according to the Holy Book, His purpose was for them to live together in unity, love and peace; and to complement each other for a successful life. Whatever it was any individual chose to believe happened then, that original purpose was thwarted. Today, more than any other time in human history, male/female relationship is threatened beyond human capability. For the men and women of today, it is a ‘dog eats dog’ life; there is ‘no love lost’ between the sexes.
It is almost impossible to get a couple to have absolute trust in one another; whether friends, lovers or married. This is also why violence against women has continued to increase around the world. In fact, the system of oppression has not changed much; it has only been modified to meet with the technology advanced age that we live in. More and more, cyber crimes against women have also advanced; and in country after country, there are reports of new forms of oppression of the female gender, old or young.
There is no doubt that things must change, if we have to make our world and our societies, in particular, a better place. If the human society refuses to act now, the future of our children may be jeopardised. The children of today continue to suffer the effect of these ‘hate cycle’; many children are born into families where violence reign, and such children grow up to continue the vicious cycle. Mankind’s future is under threat! It is time to rethink the future, by addressing these issues. The first step is to acknowledge the problem, and talk about it. I just did!!!


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