This is the age of computer, the digital age, where all the information and knowledge measured in terms of the digital values. Gone were the days when we greet, chat, debate, disagree or even love on extra-terrestrial, in the real world; not any more. Life now is lived ‘on the go’; via computers, I-pads, I-phones, android tablets, notebooks and the likes. Therefore, the quality of life is also defined by the quality of the digital knowledge of the person. The more ardent one is at using all the gadgets, the more one gets immersed in the mesh of a life that is presented to us as the life of the age of knowledge, age of clarity, age of openness, the DIGITAL AGE. As women we are more troubled because of our unique role as life-moulders.

However, the acquisition of all the tools of the ‘go-life’ has not brought us the needed utopia; once again, like our fore-bears, we have failed woefully in attaining the badly needed satisfaction, comfort and peace. But, some thinkers now believe that what is important really is our new ability to re-cycle our lives. Yes, the ability to re-create, re-model and re-invented in a world that is constantly changing. This idea that, even in spite of the craze for change and new ideas in today’s world, there is still the possibility of making a loud statement and keeping it ‘in the clouds’ for the next generation to admire, examine or criticise. For whatever its worth, then, our lives are recorded and saved automatically as we live it. So, all the gadgets of today are built to record history, as it were, whether in terms of audio, data or visuals. Our lives are auto save as we live it.

But, the question, once again, is, what benefit can we derive from it? Can our generation or indeed the succeeding ones learn anything from the experiences of the past lives, by peering into the digitally recorded archives? Could the theories of Einstein, Newton, Dalton, Morton and others have been carefully researched and propounded if the facts have been presented in real-time, as it were? When we are lining up facts and figures for the next generation to simply pick and use, how do they get to learn the importance of hard work and research? When we have provided all the ANSWERS to life’s questions, what will there be left to work at? With an auto-save life, who needs a re-invention?

This is the attitude of today’s youths; but, as mothers, how do we inculcate the values of real work, hard work in our children? Food for thought!

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